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UPDATE:  - 1.16.19

Pay Pal, Credit Cards or Bank Check accepted as form of payment.

Please call for Credit Card orders and I will process over the phone. Thanks.


I anticipate finishing a large run of TYPE 2 .(308) and TYPE 3 (6.5, 300WSM) shortly, currently out of stock. Will advise!



ALPHA Industries Rifle Magazines are a custom piece of equipment. Rather than just reverse engineer some other design, ALPHA set out build a NEW option for shooters. The ALPHA magazine is designed to work as an alternative to the AICS style, single feed, leaf spring fed box magazine. This magazine also functions with the GSR .308 Rifle.

You can imagine this undertaking was challenge as most DBM ( Drop Bottom Metal ) manufacturers, chassis makers and rifle builders have been using the AICS style magazine for many years.

Coatings, expansion, profile, feed lip design and overall length were all part of the research / design and engineering process.

ALPHA did not and will not copy other designs, period.

ALPHA offers a new innovative product line, another solution for the serious shooter. The ALPHA magazine is designed to be tuned if needed. The feedlips on the magazine may need to be adjusted on occassion. Many gunsmiths who build custom rifles routinley " Tune " magazines of all types to a particular rifle or adjust the feed lips to improve reliable feeding.

The ALPHA magazine is designed to fit SNUG, not loose. You will find the ALPHA magazine is snug on engagement into rifle. The ALPHA magazine is designed to limit ANY movement up and down vertically after engagement. Excessive “SLOP “or “RATTLE “ built into the design of a rifle magazine is unacceptable to ALPHA.

When you a purchase ALPHA, you purchase American.

NOTICE: I back my magazines 100%, if for some reason you are not happy please read my refund policy. It's 100 percent. Thanks, Chris.