A drop bottom metal is an aftermarket accessory designed to retrofit many existing rifle platforms for the purpose of accepting box

magazines. The number of manufacturers turning out DBM's seems to be growing at an explosive rate. Nearly all of the companies

producing these DBM's are utilizing the AICS type magazine for the feeding device. Some companies offer a proprietary magazine

specifically designed for their drop bottom metal. It is important to research what type of DBM you have and who installed it. The

Alpha magazine is designed to fit and function with any DBM that was designed to accept AICS type magazines unless otherwise

stated. If the stock is improperly inletted and the metal is not seated to proper specs, this can cause magazine malfunction or

failure to feed. Alpha always advises that you choose a reputable gunsmith to install any DBM system. This will ensure the smooth

reliable feeding of your Alpha magazines.

Over the last decade several rifle stock / chassis makers have come to the marketplace. Here again you will find the rifle

stock / chassis maker utilizing the AICS style magazine. If the maker of the rifle stock / chassis system advertises that the

system will work with the AICS style magazine, the Alpha magazines will also work.

One of the most popular platforms for the addition of a DBM system is the Remington 700 short action. It is important to understand

the limitations of any box magazine with this action. The Alpha Type 2 magazine is designed without a spacer plate. This magazine

works best with actions that have been modified to accept longer projectiles. Most gunsmiths will relieve or notch the feed-ramp of

the action to ensure proper feeding of the magazine. This will ensure the tip of the projectile does not hang up on the underside of the

feed-ramp and cause a failure to feed. Simply stated, if you wish to load solids out longer than factory spec, the Type 2 magazine is

what you need. Just keep in mind you may need to have your weapon modified to avoid feed issues.


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