Alpha Industries is proud to introduce the world's first (10) ten-shot 300 WSM magazine.
The development and testing of this magazine was completed in early 2010 and made available to the public

September 1, 2010.


This production magazine was a direct result of listening to members of the shooting community and reacting to their

needs. The Alpha (10) ten-shot 300 WSM magazine measures just over 5inches in length. It will also accept other cartridges

like the 7mm and 270.


The differences you will find with the Alpha 300 WSM (10) ten-shot magazines are many. This means great things for

the end user. No more drilling, welding and bending of the other magazines to fit these cases.

By utilizing a double stack single feed system, the magazine stays short and compact considering the case size.
The internal length is 2.985, more internal room for loading longer projectiles than the "Other" magazines out there.



Standard Stainless Steel Construction, teflon finishes and 100% American Made product.
Consider this custom box magazine solution for your 300 WSM, 7mm or 270.


Also available in (5) five-shot and (7) seven shot configuration.